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You often ask questions like this: "Can a calling card call be traced?"

In general, you can always trace the call made with a calling card. You can do it with the same methods as you use for ordinary phone calls. The best way is to set up a spy software which allows you to track all activity of a target phone.

Also, you can view call history records in the following cases:

You ask the following questions as well:

  • How can you discover where a long distance call was initiated if the caller used a prepaid calling card?
    You can indicate international calls with the same spy software.

  • Can calls be tracked through a phone card?
    No, calling cards don't make it. Phone cards are just designed as a way of connection. Their features are limited - only connection.

  • Can you track a phone number through a calling card?
    No. The reason is the same.

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Phone card tracking is just a part of the more common topic - tracking phone calls and phone numbers. So read also:

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